Next Con: February 2025

About the Con

What is Silver Fang Con?
Silver Fang Con is an annual virtual convention focusing on Yoshihiro Takahashi’s Ginga manga and anime series. It started in 2022, you can view our con history.

Why is it virtual?
Because there are Ginga fans from all over the world, we wanted to make sure as many people could attend as possible. Having the event online makes it so anyone anywhere can participate!

How much does it cost to attend?
The con is FREE to attend, watch, and participate.

A badge isn’t needed?
Nope, there is no badge fee at all! If you would like to have a souvenir, you can print a badge.

How do I attend panels?
On the day of the con, a link to a Zoom meeting room will be on the homepage. We suggest downloading and installing Zoom before the event.

Do I have to have my camera/audio on?
You can choose whatever you feel most comfortable with!

What if I can’t attend the day/time of the con?
We will record all panels and upload them to YouTube for those that missed it.

Can I run a panel?
1-2 months before the con, we will take panel submissions. These can either be done live or be prerecorded (or a mix of both). Anything that Ginga fans would enjoy will be allowed!

Is the Artist Alley only open the day of the con?
As long as the artist booths are visible, the Artist Alley is open! We will only hide booths if the artist requests it, or when openings for the next con start. Do note that the artists may sell out of their Ginga-related items.

How do I join the Artist Alley?
1-2 months before the con, we will take applications for the Artist Alley. As long as you have at least one (1) piece of Ginga or Nihon Ken related art, or take feral dog artwork commissions, you will be allowed into the Artist Alley. There is no limit to the number of booths, so everyone who meets the requirements will be in.

How much do Artist Alley booths cost?
There is no cost or fee for joining the Artist Alley.

What is the Giveaway?
Every year we will have a few prizes to giveaway to people who join in the event. These will either be official Ginga merch or fanart. These items will be shipped to winners at no cost.

How do I enter the Giveaway?
During the live event, you will be able to enter the giveaway. You will need to have “entry codes”, which will be dispersed throughout the Silver Fang Network, and also a code will be available at the start of each panel. Each code gives you one entry into the giveaway, so the more you interact with the Silver Fang Network and the con, the more chances you have.

Con History

Silver Fang Con 3
February 10, 2024


Blazehub, Boarhound, DeguArts, FinchBites, Flann Moriath, Librakind, Lunacalx, NerdyOtaku, Revving Arts, SnowWolpard, Soleii Arts, Vix Swiss Arts, XEyedCreations

Giveaway Winners

  • Vix Swiss: Weed Handkerchief
  • CurioKryptic: PurePlastic Keychain Set
  • Yuki: Fanart Keychain
  • Ninehelios: Fanart Pin/Keychain Set
  • Berrymutt: Fanart Print Set
  • Chuhonine: Fanart Mini-Pin
  • Jan3tt: Fanart Mousepad
  • ToraCollita: Fanart Mousepad
  • DiabolicalArts: Con Merch

Thanks to Coyotepelts, Elvenhound, Librakind, & Regnant for the prize donations!

Silver Fang Con 2
February 25, 2023


Blazehub, Bubblegum Pug, Deebat Art, DeguArts, Flann Moriath, Heckhound Studio, Librakind, SnowWolpard, Soleii Arts, Straysaints, Thylacine King, VirvaPP, Vix Swiss Arts, XEyedCreations

“Who’s That Character?” Winner

  • Spirit Tree

Giveaway Winners

  • Chuhonine: Anniversary Keychain
  • Keke: GDW Genga
  • Salty: Gin Plush
  • Berry: Gin Charm
  • Desolim: Fanart Keychains
  • Mellansoda: Con Merch

Thanks to Librakind, Regnant, & SnowWolpard for the prize donations!

Silver Fang Con 1
February 19, 2022


Bubblegum Pug Shop, DeguArts, Flann Moriath, Gay Breakfast Studio, Ghost’s Pins & More, HeckHound Studio, Lemon-Creme Studios, MakoExplosion Designs, Naomi Romero, Nara’s Artwork, Nekonotaishou, Rio Sculptures, SchmidteGoods, SnowWolpard, Soleii Arts, TheRoguez

Giveaway Winners

  • Tora Collita: Kurojaki Plush
  • Zsemi02: Daisuke Cel
  • TulipT: Rocket Coaster
  • Miles: Urumi Mask
  • GingaSoldier: Con Merch
  • Vivy: Surprise Gift

Thanks to Lingo, Regnant, & Wulf for the prize donations!